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About The Artist

Based on my fine art paintings, I now bring to you my interpretations of the
elements of nature...transformed into silk scarves. In my paintings,
I render nature in its most contradictory situations, creating visual ironies
that are sometimes apparent and many times transparent. After receiving special requests, I have created a special series of my artwork...produced
on the highest high quality silk...WEARABLE ART!

Limited Edition Silk Scarf Collection

Only 250 SCARVES OF EACH DESIGN will be SOLD INTERNATIONALLY. All scarves are SIGNED, TITLED, and NUMBERED BY THE ARTIST. Each scarf includes a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY. Express yourself through my work and wear it for the world to see!

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The Metamorphosis

Watch the metamorphosis from painting to silk scarf here

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The Story Behind the Scarf

My Mom, Elizabeth

or "Betty", as her friends called her, succumbed to breast cancer twenty years ago. She was a strong person, however, she suffered a long and arduous battle. But now, she is at peace.

While I was developing this website, I learned that my mom's sister, Pat, was also diagnosed with breast cancer.

This website is my tribute to these two amazing sisters, Betty and Pat.

Over the Past Two Decades

I have held a variety of fundraising events, selling my fine artwork to benefit a number of breast cancer charities. Being such an important cause, I believe that offering support is crucial to finding a cure.

The Scarf Evolved

when, one day, I was holding silk fabric in my hands and realized how delicate, yet strong it was. Very much like my mom. It was at that point when I thought that merging natural silk with images of my own paintings would best represent my feelings.

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