FALL isn’t just about pumpkins

Well, here we are…it’s Fall and it’s October again…and, with it, comes the cooler weather (in some parts of the country), Hallowe’en, and of course, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

It may seem strange that these two events fall in the same month since Hallowe’en conjures up scary images of goblins, ghosts, haunted houses, and monsters. But, we can think of Hallowe’en as the one day of the year we can face our fears and see monsters for what they truly are. And, once you get to know a monster, it can take away much of that fear.

So, during this October (and every October to come…okay, during EVERY month of the year) lets face one of the biggest monsters we know…Breast Cancer. The name, itself, is scary. What it does to us and our loved ones is scary. BUT, if we talk to each other about it, educate ourselves, and learn about the facts and fiction of the disease, we can overcome these fears. I know this because my Mom passed from the disease and, since then, I have been honoring her by holding fundraising events each year.

Lets help spread the word about Breast Cancer Awareness and call “Pink” the NEW “Orange”. In order to help spread the word, I am holding a contest. Many of you know that my company, Scarves For Charity, raises funds for a variety of Breast Cancer Organizations.

Please help your favorite breast cancer charity and submit a Hallowe’en theme photo to this blog (you can add an image after your comment below). Your entry will be placed into a drawing for a FREE scarf (84.95 value) AND a 50.00 Starbucks Certificate. The drawing will be held on October 24, 2013. There will be THREE winners! An announcement will be made on this blog and on my Facebook page.

So, submit a clever photo, be creative, dress your pumpkin in a scarf, add a dash of pink to it, and submit your entry below.

Thank you for your continued support, it means so very much to me and so many others!

Get your “Pink On” TODAY!
Don’t forget!
20% of the proceeds of all scarf orders will benefit a breast cancer charity of your choice!

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