Artist Statement

Daniel Wasinger, Fine Artist/Scarf Designer

Daniel Wasinger, B.A. Art, B.S. Design

My approach is one of expressionism. In my youth, I was always mesmerized by nature. The contradictions in its color palette and its subtle nuances have made a lasting impression on me and continue to enhance my senses. Those very impressions have influenced my work. I apply arbitrary colors to reinforce nature’s contradictions and its true character through the use of mixed media, including oils, acrylic, wax, resin, oil pastel, and photography.

I begin by photographically capturing a subject, then focus on the emotion of the piece and begin to distort it digitally.  I then paint it by hand using a cross-mix of media. By using deliberate, thick impasto oil techniques, the delicate stroke of watercolor and oil pastel, or the contradictory combination of resin and organic material, I seek to convey the true character of each work until it absorbs a life of its own. It is at that point when I bring it to life on canvas.

I use all premium media including fine art archival quality ink, acrylic paint, oil pastels, as well as the most respected sources for acid-free, archival watercolor paper, canvas, and silk.

When my art evokes emotional responses and reactions, no matter how strong or silent, I believe I then have communicated what nature has intended us to see. Hopefully, I have evoked an emotional response from you. Please enjoy my work.

Artfully yours,



ArtServe Gallery
(Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Broward Art Guild
(Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Art Expressions Gallery
(Wilton Manors, FL)

Albright-Knox Art Gallery
(Buffalo, NY)

Associated Artists Organization Gallery
(Buffalo, NY)

CEPA Gallery
(Buffalo, NY)

Kenmore Artists’ Society Gallery
(Kenmore, NY)

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Storm Hovering by Daniel Wasinger

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